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3 Terrifying Ways to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Looking to enhance your sexual performance? As today’s fast-paced and truly competitive environment has made a lot of men become truly dissatisfied with the size of their junk, more and more options are now available for fixing it, from surgery to pills, to herbal treatments and other exotic (or out-of-this-world) gear. However, before getting your junk fixed, here’s a look at three terrifying ways for improving your sexual prowess.

Penile Implants

 Young Escorts SydneyHere’s one sex-enhancement move that’s very risky, because we’re talking going under the knife here. And the options for this surgical-erector technique include a malleable insert that may give the guy a permanent boner.  However, if your girlfriend, or even your favourite Young Escorts Sydney says that size doesn’t matter, will you still subject yourself to this costly and potentially dangerous procedure?

According to health experts, one of the potential pitfalls of this procedure is that the surgery actually causes “mild shortening” of the penis, and like any device made of metal or plastic, there is the issue of wear and tear. Thus, the more you use it, the shorter the lifespan of the implant!

Piercings for Sexual Performance

Piercings for male sexual performance have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, with the most common piercings named The Prince Albert and Jacob’s Ladder. However, all types of piercings will require weeks of healing time, and patients also face greater risks of infection and rejection of the hardware.

And of course, the patient will also endure a more intense type of pain which can only come from having someone turn your penis into a pincushion with a 10-gauge piercing needle!

Spanish Fly

Of the various aphrodisiacs, perhaps the Spanish Fly has gained a lot of fame and notoriety. But before using this, remember that it’s not really a fly, but it’s just a beetle, a blister beetle to be exact!

And since you just ate a ground-up beetle that causes blisters, you also ate the beetle’s active ingredient, cantharidin, which only exists in quantities of about 5% per beetle (which means that you consumed more beetle exoskeletons that were crushed into a bitter-tasting powder!).

In truth, each hit of Spanish Fly actually contains as much tangy insect as your average meal at Taco Bell or Burger King! Perhaps it would be better to naturally enhance your sexual prowess, by regularly dating the hot and alluring Young Escorts Sydney!

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