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4 Ways to Lick a Woman’s Nipple the Right Way

Believe it or not, most women love the feeling of being sucked. It gives them that sensation, which is enough to get them wet, according to Young Escorts Sydney. So, as much as possible, give her boos enough attention. This is most especially if your primary goal is to satisfy her all night. Well, simply follow the tips below!

Start By Kissing Them  To suck boobs, start off by kissing them, then gradually make your way to her shirt. Gently squeeze her breasts like you would do a horn or move your hands in circular motions. After a few seconds goes by, take off her shirt then the bra.

Fondle Her Breasts

After taking off the shirt and bra, you can continue squeezing her boobs gently, then start cupping the boobs in your hands and start sucking them. Make sure to start off slow as breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of the woman’s body. With each nipple, make circular motions with your tongue and slightly suck them. You can also suck the nipple and squeeze the boobs at the same time or push them together.

Ask Her What She Likes the Most

Remember, one of the best sexual experiences a person can have is when both people communicate what they enjoy. If she likes her boobs sucked a certain way or find it a turn on by the specific way you touch them, then follow what she says. You want the intimate moment be fun and exciting for the both of you.

Lick Those Nipples

Finally, the nipple. Lick the nipple, then lightly blow on it. This causes contrasting sensations of heat/moisture and then cooling. Most women love it. Do this all over her nipple. Then lower your mouth on her to cover it completely with the moist warmth of your mouth. While her nipple is in your mouth, flick it around internally with your tongue. Next, take the nipple in your mouth and alternately lick, suck and “flutter-tongue” it. While at the same time kneading the breast with increasing firmness is an option, too.

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