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A Sensual Massage Session with Young Escorts in Sydney

Hi, I’m Clark of Minnesota. For 3 years, I have worked as a web app developer for a huge IT firm. Having saved enough, I’m out for a quest to start my very own travel blog. Inspired by an Aussie friend, I decided to set foot on my very first out-of-U.S. expedition. Even when I was younger, I’ve always envisioned myself as a courageous buccaneer conquering unknown grounds. But on my trip to Australia, I have unfolded an experience any man shouldn’t miss. An exciting time with two gorgeous and young escorts in Sydney made for an out-of-the-ordinary twist to my holiday. Ancient wellness has never been any hotter, this is my adventure…

Thanks to one of my colleagues at work, I have met some of the most outrageous and fun guys to be with. Bryan had me meet his college friends here in Sydney who showed me around and brought me to some of the most popular attractions within the city. And of course, boys will be boys and so I was introduced to the veiled treasures of Australia’s oldest, biggest, and most diverse state capital–the Escorts in Sydney.

Growing up, I have always had that fascination in the beauty of women with their sexy piercing dark eyes, slender curves, porcelain skin, and that breathtakingly graceful way they move. On the last week of my stay in the Land Down Under, I didn’t know that the boys had gotten me a naughty surprise. I’m glad that I’d been blabbing about my type of women one night when we were getting drunk in bar. Little did I know that I was in for a treat… a night of sensual massage with sultry vixens.

So the guys set me up in my hotel room and sent in 2 pretty ladies wearing ornate oriental dresses for the show. Kit, with her doll-eyes and easy smile, chatted with me for some time and massaged my head and scalp to ease my nerves while Cheena got their paraphernalia ready. On cue, both were on each side helping me undress. They laid me to bed on my belly and in a matter of minutes, I heard a swoosh as their dresses fell on the floor in unison. The smell of lavender that blended erotically with the scent of incenses and herbs consumed me as I felt warm dripping at my backside, down to my feet.

For such small and soft hands, their grip was strong and each knead created ripples of pleasure from my skin deep down into my over-worked muscles. They continued to work through my body; rubbing, pushing, massaging pressure points, and kneading some more. My skin hot, against the warm oil and skin of these ladies, burned with that carnal longing I supressed to totally enjoy the relaxation the massage brings. More warm, scented oil dripped along my skin and deliciously into the crevices of my toned back… and into my butt crack heating up my now sensitive balls.

Finally, I was turned over. More oil…. Dripping… more kneading… The intoxicating combination of scents made everything all the more erotic. And then goes the tweaking and stroking… more pressure… more rubbing. How I loved the giggles that escape their lips as I grab them hungrily. At last… Euphoria! How anyone can feel such relaxation while tensing with all the overwhelming tingles throughout every sensitive point of my being still bugs me when I think about that night.

At the crack of dawn, we ended the session with a fun bubble bath and champagne. I never knew I got that much energy to spend. Among all the things that I have done, places I’ve visited… it will be Kat and Cheena who I’ll remember easily when I think of Australia. So for a travel well spent, include Young Escorts in Sydney in your itinerary.

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