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British Survey Says That Listening to Music During Sex Can Give You Better Orgasms

What would life be, without music? According to sociologists and psychologists, music has a powerful, primal connection in our heads, and can literally change the way that we’re feeling, what we’re thinking about, and it can get us into a particular mindset too.

How about listening to music, when you’re having sex? Well, a recent British survey has revealed that listening to music can actually can give you better orgasms! Let’s read on to find more on what the survey reveals.

Listening to Music is a Radical Way of Getting Yourself in the Mood

When you were in bed with any of your hookup partners, or with the lovely and sexy Young Escorts Sydney, was there a time when you made love to the beat of your favourite rock music tune, or dance track?

Young Escorts SydneyA survey was conducted in the United Kingdom to determine the songs that people were most likely to associate with sex, and it  surprisingly found out that Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” was at the top of the charts, followed by Rihanna’s “Skin”, and Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop”.

The survey also noted that music is actually a quite radical way of getting yourself in the mood for love or sex, as it increases dopamine levels, revives a waning sex drive, and gives you a rocking “skinorgasm” (I don’t exactly know what that means!).

Music Also Gets Our Primal Drives Going

One of the greatest benefits of listening to music while having sex is that it helps speed up the release of the pleasure hormone called dopamine. Dopamine helps evoke emotional feelings which are directly correlated to the person you love, or are having sex with.

And if the relationship is a romantic one, then the songs that the individual listens to also becomes inexorably tied to love, romance and of course sex! Neuroscientists and mental health experts also stress that virtually all people respond more to a lower-pitched beat than they do to something higher, which explains why most pop music just doesn’t cut in the bedroom.

However, anything with bass is considered quite soothing to our ears, and it can also get your heart rate going, as well as alter your mood in bed.

Perhaps next time you could try playing your favourite music in bed, while making out with your girlfriend, or with the lovely and sultry Young Escorts Sydney!


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