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Young Escorts Sydney – Sex Experts Give Their Take on the Phenomenon of “Sleep Orgasms”

Do you have dreams about sex that feel so real, like you were shagging in real life? And, during your sex dreams, did you also feel like you had a real orgasm? Well, the good thing is that we asked a number of reputable sex experts to give us their take on the phenomenon of more »

Young Escorts Sydney – 5 Sex Positions That Most Women Want You to Stop Doing

While playing around with various sex positions may be fun, there’s no denying that so many of them just don’t work! Why? Because some sex positions are more logistically challenging than a game of Twister, and others are just too weird or have truly uncomfortable angles! Here’s a look at a couple of sex positions more »

Young Escorts Sydney – 4 Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex in Your 40s

Who says that you can’t have exciting, mind-blowing sex in your 40s, or even in your 50s?  And while your 40’s or 50s aren’t exactly kind to your sex life, don’t start to panic just because you’ve already started noticing some changes, or you’re nervous about the changes to come. Here’s a look at a more »

Young Escorts Sydney – Avoid These Habits of Annoying Boyfriends

When you find yourself in a relationship, you obviously want to be the best partner you can possibly be so said relationship lasts. You’re not the only one who feels that way, but unfortunately, compared to being with one of the gorgeous courtesans at Young Escorts Sydney, an actual relationship is a different ride altogether. more »

Young Escorts Sydney – LGBTQ Folk Use Condoms More Than Heterosexuals, New Study Reveals

When someone mentions the words “sexually transmitted disease”, the acronyms HIV/AIDS most often pops up in our heads. Well, HIV is of course a major public health crisis today, as there are (In the US alone) 1.2 million people with HIV. But if you think that the gays or lesbians, or the LGBTQ community as more »

Young Escorts Sydney – Innovative Ideas on How to Date an Alpha Female

What’s an “Alpha” male or female, and have you ever heard anyone mention such a term? Just like her male namesake, the Alpha Female is a strong and majestic woman, who exudes self-confidence and independence. The Alpha Female is supreme among females, and other women often look to her for leadership. However, there are some more »

Young Escorts Sydney – New Ways to Safeguard, and Prolong Your Sex Life

As an old saying goes “No man is an island”, and so does the penis! Well, if your penis were an island, it would be tempting to think of it as a hot spot in the Caribbean, which is calm and relaxing during the day, and throbbing with activity and funfare at night! However, poor more »

British Survey Says That Listening to Music During Sex Can Give You Better Orgasms

What would life be, without music? According to sociologists and psychologists, music has a powerful, primal connection in our heads, and can literally change the way that we’re feeling, what we’re thinking about, and it can get us into a particular mindset too. How about listening to music, when you’re having sex? Well, a recent more »

Young Escorts Sydney – 3 Films That Can Make Any Home Movie Date Extra Sleazy

Planning to have a movie marathon, or home-based movie date tonight with a girlfriend or hookup buddy? While words like “dinner” and “movie” have been a dating staple for as long as there are guys and girls who are interested in having sex (without having to spend hours talking to their date first) the problem more »

Young Escorts Sydney – New Research Has Noted That Something in Your Soap Could Be Messing Your Sex Life

What soap are you using? If you think the bathroom soap you’re using is 100% safe, and won’t affect your skin or even your libido, think again. It’s because according to a fairly new study conducted by researchers at the University of California, some of the chemical ingredients the soap you use can cause muscle more »

Young Escorts Sydney – 3 Of The Best Pop Songs About Female Masturbation

If you’ve heard songs which depict male machismo in its most graphic form, perhaps you’ve also heard of songs which talk of the joys of self-pleasure, and were sung by women too! From Nicky Minaj’s planned “play with her pussy” day to the Divynyls’ “I Touch Myself” and more, many sex-positive female pop stars and more »

Young Escorts Sydney – 3 Innovative Ways On How To Raise Your Sexual Self-Esteem

If you’ve had eaten a lot during the holidays, or you had more than your usual fill of beer and booze, perhaps this time you look, or feel a little shabby and flabby. Instead of sulking, and blaming the rest for all that calories and fat that you ate, why don’t you have a positive more »

Young Escorts Sydney – Startling Facts About Sex in China

What’s the most populated country on earth? Well, it was actually China, but that was until India overtook it as the most populous nation on earth just a few years back. But anyway, China is such a complex and mysterious nation, with a mix of ancient traditions and modern social and technological advances. And just more »

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