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The Most Creative From-Behind Sex Positions

If you’re a bit tired already of the usual moves in bed, perhaps it’s time you try something slow, sweet yet physical, and gaze-into-your-partner’s-eyes sex! Well, the positions in which the giver is behind the receiver is generally called the from-behind sex position, and this one allows for more deeper penetration than others, and they allow the giver firm control over the pace of penetration too. Here’s a brief, yet fun listing of the most creative sex from behind positions.

The Raised Doggy

Is it your first time to try something like from-behind sex ? Perhaps you could ask your girlfriend, or even your preferred Young Escorts Sydney to try out the raised doggy sex position? Here, the guy  kneels or stands behind his partner, and enters her. The girl’s thighs can be apart while her partner’s thighs are inside hers. And if the man is strong, he can (after penetration) lift and hold one or both her legs, just like a wheelbarrow!

The Flying Buttress

In this move, the woman is on top but facing away from you, head at feet. While entry can be quite tricky in this position, the woman can lift her pelvis to make things easier. This sex position is pleasurable for some, while for others it requires too much flexibility.

The Side Roll

In this sex-from-behind position, the guy lies on his side, leaning back a little and legs apart. The woman lies in front, backing onto the penis or dildo and her thighs are together and resting between the guy’s thighs

Anal Doggy Style

In this position, the one at the bottom (or receiver) can have her torso upright, just like kneeling in a prayer, or she could be on all fours (or down, with her chest on the bed). The person in the bottom will have some control over the depth and angle of the penetration, while the one on top will definitely have a great view, and would have a lot of control too.

You and your hookup partner, or your favourite Young Escorts Sydney can simply try just one for a quickie, or you could try them all on your succeeding sexual adventures, so that once and for all you’ll know that sometimes the best approach is from – behind!

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