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Young Escorts Sydney – 3 Films That Can Make Any Home Movie Date Extra Sleazy

Planning to have a movie marathon, or home-based movie date tonight with a girlfriend or hookup buddy? While words like “dinner” and “movie” have been a dating staple for as long as there are guys and girls who are interested in having sex (without having to spend hours talking to their date first) the problem for most is how to transition from passively enjoying entertainment with your partner, to having sex afterward! Well, perhaps you could quickly speed up the transition, by renting out (or choosing from Netflix) these 3 hot and sleazy movies!

Ghost  Who hasn’t watched this 90s classic love story yet? Perhaps next time you meet up with the lovely Young Escorts Sydney, you could try watching Ghost first, before getting down and dirty in bed! In the movie, the ghost of Patrick Swayze finds a way to contact his widow Demi Moore, so they could bang for one last time (although via Whoopi Goldberg lesbian sex!).

And since it’s a romantic movie, perhaps if you have a moment to say “I love you” to your date, that could conceivably lead to some heart-felt loving! But if you don’t love your date (and you just want to get into her pants), perhaps you should try saying something sweet, but not overly cheesy (as well as dim the lights, and offer your date a deep-tissue massage from behind!).

Boogie Nights

Since this movie talks about the life, and exploits, of a 70’s porn star named Dirk Diggler (played by Mark Wahlberg), it should be much easier for you to transition from just watching the movie, to doing something else sleazier later!

However, after your date has spent two hours drooling at Dirk Diggler’s supposed erotic skills (as well as his big dick), this movie may have gotten her ready for the kind of sex you can’t deliver! Well, perhaps you should just tell her that Marky Mark isn’t that big in real-life, and you got prettier eyes than him!

Wild Things

This film certainly drips of sex, as Denise Richards and Neve Campbell wear bikinis in and out of pools, and make out a lot, and guys like Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon are raring to get their hands inside their panties!

So, once the cheesy parts start rolling, turn to your lady, point to her breasts and say “Well, how about it, you know”! But if she dumps your advances, perhaps you should be dating the hot and sexy Young Escorts Sydney instead!


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