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Young Escorts Sydney – 4 Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex in Your 40s

Who says that you can’t have exciting, mind-blowing sex in your 40s, or even in your 50s?  And while your 40’s or 50s aren’t exactly kind to your sex life, don’t start to panic just because you’ve already started noticing some changes, or you’re nervous about the changes to come. Here’s a look at a couple of innovative ways to have mind-blowing sex in your 40s, and even beyond.

Revel in Your Foreplay Skills

Young Escorts SydneyMost men in their 40s often report that they feel more confident with their foreplay skills, especially after having a few decades of experience tucked under their belts, and after enjoying more fun times in bed with the hot and sexy Young Escorts Sydney!

And yes, foreplay is fun with any age, but it can even get more important as you and your partner get older. In general, you will both benefit because it gives you plenty of time to get in the mood, relax, feel more excited and decrease the possibility of performance issues.

Use Lube

Most health and sex experts recommend that you use lubes at any age, but more so in your 40s as it starts to become more of a necessity. The truth is that a lot of women have a harder time getting wet when they age. And while more foreplay can certainly help, the use of lubricants just makes the experience so much more enjoyable for both partners.

Get a Little Crazy

Another wonderful thing about being in your 40s is that you will likely have more resources at your fingertips, unlike when you just ate Ramen five days a week in your 20s! Thus, use these resources to help you continue exploring and investigating your sex life.

For example, go away on a sexy weekend with your girlfriend, or hookup buddy, or surprise your partner with some sexy lingerie, buy her a hot new sex toy, or go the extra mile by installing a stripper pole in your master’s bedroom!

Don’t Worry About Performance Issues

Most men in their 40s or 50s often make a big fuss about performance issues. Well, that’s normal, because as you get older you will naturally experience more frequent performance problems, like it takes longer for you to get erect, or your erections sometimes subside in the middle of sex.

Well, these don’t exactly have to be a big deal, because you simply need to make some minor adaptations to the way you approach your sex life.

And of course, the key here is not to freak out or start getting anxious, as these feelings tend to snowball, and create self-fulfilling prophecies, as well as eventually wreck your fun times in bed with the hot and sexy Young Escorts Sydney!


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