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Young Escorts Sydney – 5 Sex Positions That Most Women Want You to Stop Doing

While playing around with various sex positions may be fun, there’s no denying that so many of them just don’t work! Why? Because some sex positions are more logistically challenging than a game of Twister, and others are just too weird or have truly uncomfortable angles! Here’s a look at a couple of sex positions that most women want you to stop doing.

Sex On The Floor

Young Escorts SydneyYes, we all have those fantasies about shagging on that bearskin rug in front of the fireplace with our hookup buddies, as well as with the hot and sizzling Young Escorts Sydney. However, sex on the floor tends to be incredibly uncomfortable for most women!

Why? Because her tail bone will likely get sore within just a few thrusts, and unless you crag a mattress down onto the floor, there’s just not enough padding to make this sex position enjoyable, or even comfortable!

Sex on the Stairs

The lack of padding, among many other things, makes sex on the stairs insanely uncomfortable. If you have carpeted stairs at home, perhaps you could throw a blanket to guard you and your partner from rug burn. Otherwise, just take the stairs up to your bedroom!

Crouching Cowgirl

The woman on top is favoured by a lot of women. Yes, that’s true, however the vast majority of ladies prefer to rest on their knees instead of popping up onto their feet. And of course, being on your feet is a one-way ticket to thigh-burn central! Thus, let her stay comfy on her knees!


Want to make a Downward Dog even worse? Well, perhaps you could lift her up by her ankles so you’ve got her in a wheelbarrow position, which should give her a head rush and kill her wrists at the same time!


While your girlfriend, or perhaps even the lovely Young Escorts Sydney, will love the missionary, because it’s simple and great, the truth is that it gets boring real quickly if it’s the only position you do, every single time!


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