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Young Escorts Sydney: Boost Her Bliss with Sensual Touch

yb1OiHmJ4ewIn the bedroom, how turned on you and your lady become often boils down to contact – and it isn’t just kissing, hugging, or cuddling. The ladies at Young Escorts Sydney say that where, how, and what you use to touch is just as important. Some even say that it can make all the difference between a good romp in bed, and an excellent one.

So where can you pet and stroke her – using your fingers, mouth, tongue, and so on – to bring her even more pleasure?

  1. Feet. Practice makes perfect, and once you’re ready, a nice foot massage can get your partner relaxed and ready, and open for that roll in the hay. So grab some massage oil, maybe with a peppermint or lavender scent, and give her a good foot rub.

Make sure you ask before sucking on her toes – and make sure there’s no oil, too! – Because some femmes aren’t too keen on that act.

  1. Earlobes. You may have already discovered that nipping, lightly stroking, or teasingly tonguing her earlobes can give her a blissful boost. If not, then it’s high time you started experimenting. Lightly kiss your way up her neck (another erogenous zone), until you reach her ear. Just be sure not to stick your tongue right inside it.
  2. Pelvis. It isn’t just her lower lips; her pelvic area is a fairly large erogenous zone that you can tease and please. Stroking and sucking around that area without heading directly for her sweet spot will leave her wanting.
  3. Lower back. Start at the front – her pelvic area – then work your way to the back. The small of her back, all the way to just above her bum, is full of sensitive nerves. Lightly stroking her where the curve of her back is deepest will get her tingly in the right places.
  4. Hair. Girls complain about getting their hairdos messed up, but in reality, they love it when you play with their lovely locks. Run your fingers through her tresses while telling her she’s lovely; a woman who feels all kinds of beautiful will make the sex that much better.


If you’re not convinced, try out these touch-and-tease moves with a gorgeous gal from Young Escorts Sydney, for the ultimate in pleasure with no strings attached.

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