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Young Escorts Sydney – Household Items You Can Use As Sex Toys

In sex, toys can add a new dimension to ‘adult playtime’, but thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot to get the latest. Perfectly acceptable substitutes are easy to find in your own home or flat, and you’re only limited by your imagination. The lovely babes at Young Escorts Sydney, for example, are used to everyday objects being used in more erotic ways.  Here are a few examples you can use in your own sexual playtime.

  1. Turn a silk scarf into a blindfold. This is a classic, and as sexy as you can get because taking away sight makes other senses like touch all the more sensitive. Some will say to use a neck tie, but if you don’t use one often, a scarf works just as well.

You can have twice the fun by tying the blindfold on before going down on her, then have her do the same to you.

  1. Use a spatula as a paddle. Maybe you or your partner gets off on a little spanking, so you’ve thought of investing in a paddle. While looking for just the right one, you can easily substitute a spatula and you’ll get the same turn on from it. Just be sure to control how hard you hit or spank, as going overboard can result in pain instead of erotic pleasure.
  1. Turn clothespins into inexpensive nipple clamps. Wooden ones are usually the best picks, since they’re softer compared to plastic or metal ones. If you and your partner want to experiment with BDSM, this is one item you can use to get started.
  1. Make an ice dildo. This one takes some preparation, but it’s well worth it. Get the cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper and a condom. Cut the tube lengthwise, rolling it into the width you and your partner want it to be before taping it at that size. Stick the condom into it, overlap the end over one end of the tube, then fill with water and freeze.

Make sure to run it under cool water before using it so it doesn’t stick to any of your or her more sensitive bits.

Just think erotically and creatively when looking for stand-ins for sex toys. Get someone as open as you to experiment with you – browse the pages of Young Escorts Sydney and find the right babe today!

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