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Young Escorts Sydney – LGBTQ Folk Use Condoms More Than Heterosexuals, New Study Reveals

When someone mentions the words “sexually transmitted disease”, the acronyms HIV/AIDS most often pops up in our heads. Well, HIV is of course a major public health crisis today, as there are (In the US alone) 1.2 million people with HIV. But if you think that the gays or lesbians, or the LGBTQ community as a whole, are the ones who are not using condoms, or implementing other safety measures, think again, as a new survey says that heterosexuals use condoms less than the overall LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ Folk are Having Safer Sex Than Straight Folk

Young Escorts SydneyWith HIV/AIDS rates rising, along with that of the other dreadful STI’s, it pays to always be on the safe side when getting intimate with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Young Escorts Sydney, by wearing condoms and implementing other safety measures.

According to a recent study conducted by US Magazine Esquire, LGBTQ people are having safer sex than straight people statistically speaking, and they are learning quickly how to talk with their partners too about sexual health and protection., with the help of a third-party research company, conducted a study of 1,000 readers on, among other things, sexual habits and behaviour.

The results show that members of the LGBTQ community practice considerably safer sex than heterosexual people with regard to preventative measures and STI/STD communication. These individuals are also more likely to use protection, more likely to share with their partner that they have an STI, and likelier to use that information when making sexual choices.

Around 54% of Heterosexual Folk Never Use Measures to Prevent STI’s

The Esquire survey also revealed that around 54% of heterosexual people never use measures to prevent STI’s and STD’s, as compared to just 32% of the LGBTQ community. Around 30% of LGBTQ folk also report regularly using protection, as compared to just 22% of straight men and women.

So, before you start bashing the LGBTQ community with all sorts of derogatory talk, look at how you protect yourself and your girlfriend first, or your favourite Young Escorts Sydney, because who knows the gays, lesbians and queer folk out there could be more sexually responsible than you!


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