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Young Escorts Sydney – Sex Experts Give Their Take on the Phenomenon of “Sleep Orgasms”

Do you have dreams about sex that feel so real, like you were shagging in real life? And, during your sex dreams, did you also feel like you had a real orgasm? Well, the good thing is that we asked a number of reputable sex experts to give us their take on the phenomenon of “sleep orgasms”, and here’s what we got from them.

Both Men and Women Experience Sleep Orgasms

 Young Escorts SydneyIf you experience sleep orgasms, well it’s likely too that your girlfriend, or your preferred Young Escorts Sydney will experience them too! In men, these are known as “wet dreams”, because men ejaculate with orgasm and that leaves a wet spot.  But in women though, there’s often no obvious physical evidence of orgasms, so many ladies simply think that they just dreamt up the pleasurable feeling but didn’t actually experience it.

However, a 1983 study found that during sleep orgasm, a woman’s heart rate jumps to 100 beats per minute from 50, blood flow to the vagina increases significantly, and her breathing increases from 12 to 22 breaths per minutes too! And yes, having a sex dream does indeed increase the likelihood of orgasm during REM sleep.

It’s Actually Your Brain That’s Giving You All This Night-time Pleasure

What’s the coolest thing about sleep orgasms? Well, it’s actually your brain that’s giving you all this night-time pleasure! When you’re in REM sleep, blood flow increases to your genitals, so combine that with a sex dream and your brain is perfectly primed to provide you with a sleep orgasm.

Here’s how this technically works, especially for women. When a woman touches her clitoris, it activates a certain part of her brain; However, the same brain activation can happen just by thinking about touching your clitoris.

So, when blood flow to the woman’s vagina increases during REM sleep, and then the lady dreams about sex, the clitoris activation part of her brain lights up and brings on that wave of pleasure.

Sounds like everything’s going to be just fine in your bedroom. But then again, if you like to double the fun and excitement, you can do so by booking a date with the hot and sexy Young Escorts Sydney!


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