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Young Escorts Sydney – Startling Facts About Sex in China

What’s the most populated country on earth? Well, it was actually China, but that was until India overtook it as the most populous nation on earth just a few years back. But anyway, China is such a complex and mysterious nation, with a mix of ancient traditions and modern social and technological advances. And just like Japan, Australia or the US, it also has its own set of startling and eye-popping facts about – sex ! Here’s a look at a few truly libido-wrenching details.

The Booming Economy Has Given Rise To The Number of Concubines  Perhaps if a plane-load of wealthy Chinese businessmen got lost Down Under, and landed in Perth, they’d probably drool with delight when they see the lovely and sexy Young Escorts Sydney, and they’ll even kneel down before them, and ask them to be their mistresses!

The country’s booming economy has actually resulted in a return of Chinese concubines, who are popularly referred to as “er nai” or “the second breast”. What’s surprising is that 90% of senior Chinese government officials who were jailed for serious graft charges between 2004 and 2009 were found to have mistresses!

The Average Age of First Sexual Experience For Young Chinese Adults Was 17.4 Years Old

According to a recent sex survey covering 7 major Chinese cities, the average age of first sexual experience for young Chinese adults was 17.4 years old. Around 25.4% of men also felt that oral sex is an important part of their sex lives.

The survey further notes that 6.7% of Chinese men had sex everyday, although 5.7% of guys worry about their sexual competence. For the ladies, 16% of them have used sex toys, while a whopping 50.3% of women have been forced to make love to their partner at some point in their lives!

More than half of the country’s men do not have intercourse for more than ten minutes, while around 42.8% of women there cannot climax within ten minutes! Viagra, one of the planet’s most popular sex stimulants, is also used by 3% of the men in China; however 2.2% of men stick to just one sex position when having intercourse!

Perhaps if you went to China, and brought along your favourite Young Escorts Sydney, they’d probably have to endure a lot of long, nasty and envious stares from most of the Chinese guys!

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